Tents vs Venues for Events

One of the first questions when planning an event is: Where to have it?

Venues have minimum and maximum guest requirements, as well as a schedule to follow. If some guests are running late to your event, you might just have to start without them in order to get everything finished and cleaned up in time to vacate the premises when necessary.

On the other hand, while tented events give event hosts more control over guest capacity and start and stop times for their event, rental prices can tend to get steep when it comes to chairs, on-the-spot cooking and catering, and set up fees. Many baltimore tent rentals offer a variety of tent and interior options, however, so don’t balk at the price just yet. You may need to investigate to see what’s right for you. 

More than anything, you must consider what you need for your event. Do you need restrooms? If you have a tented event, you will also need to make sure such facilities are provided for your guests. In general, renting a tent instead of a venue places more responsibility on the host of the event, but also grants more freedom for large-scale activities and longer-lasting festivities.

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What time of year are you having your event? If you plan on getting married in December, perhaps a tent wedding isn’t for you. But if a cool spring afternoon sounds perfect for your parents’ anniversary party, a tent in the great outdoors surrounded by the blooms of the season may be far more enjoyable than being inside a venue with limited natural light.

While you may have to call around from venue to venue to get price quotes, oftentimes companies can give you several price quotes on different tenting options in just one phone call. Overall, making the choice between a tented event and a rented venue depends on your unique needs.