Renting a Piano

rent piano, Seattle

If you are a pianist or if you are learning how to play the piano, renting a piano may be a good option for you. There are many benefits to renting a piano rather than purchasing one in certain situations and scenarios. If you are looking to rent piano, Seattle and most other large cities have many different options for you.

Commitment and Investment

Purchasing a piano is a large investment. There are many different options and brands to choose from, but a piano can cost you anywhere between a couple hundred and a couple thousand dollars. Making a purchase this large, you want to make sure you are committed to playing it. Purchasing a piano for that amount of money and then not playing it would feel like a waste of money. If you are unsure about just how committed you will be to playing the piano, try renting one before you purchase one. If during the time you rent a piano, you decide you really enjoy playing, then you can figure out exactly which one you want to invest in for yourself.

Test Your Options

With so many brands, sizes, sounds, and options available, choosing which piano is perfect for you is not an easy decision. If you choose to rent a piano, you can test out all of your options. You can play different pianos and determine exactly what you like and exactly what you want. You may think you want to play an upright piano, but after renting a grand piano you decide you like the sound better. It’s good to know this information before the purchase has been made.

Special Performances or Concerts

Renting a piano is a great idea and can be very helpful if you have a special performance or concert coming up. Pianos are heavy and hard to move. Renting a piano and having it delivered to your venue can save you a lot of time and headache.