If a strong core is what you’re looking for…

Core exercise is the focus of much attention today. A strong core is the foundation for a strong body. Your core dictates posture and can take inches off your waistline, just by standing up straight. With a strong core you can help prevent back problems, you automatically protect your inner organs and central nervous system.

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Yet the core refers to more than your abs. You can think of it as being everything but your arms and legs if that helps. All those muscles in the back, the upper chest and even the shoulders are part of a person’s core.

Dance Exercise

Dance has long been recognized as a route to good health, that’s why there’s Zumba and Jazz aerobics. But if you really want to engage your core muscles then consider persian dance Gaithersburg classes.

Dating back for millennia

Persian Dance has its roots in what is now Iran on the Arab peninsula. Now all dance has been driven from Iran, but dedicated practitioners have spread across the world and the culture of dance is alive and well across the world.

Persian Dance Benefits

First, you get a total body work out. Shoulder shimmies work your upper body in the same way that swimming does but running doesn’t. But you also get to exercise stomach muscles, back muscles, legs and arms too.

The workout is fully aerobic your heart gets a great workout. Amazingly though, you even massage and rejuvenate your internal organs – no moment on the step machine has ever done that for you!

Disconnect overthinking

Lastly, Persian Dancing is good for the mind. The intricate moves require the dancer to part of the flow not on top of it.

The key is to let yourself go and feel the benefits.