Has the Art Gallery Gone the Way of the Dodo?

Just like everything else, art has made its way to the internet. If you want to see the work of your current favorite all you need to do is go to Pinterest or Instagram and look them up.

What is the role of the gallery now? Where once it used to be the way for a new artist to get a toe into the art world, now that step can be bypassed. The question is, should it?


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Galleries used to the be the place to be. You knew the owners who reflected your tastes, you went there to meet the artists who worked in that areas. The galleries would style themselves as contemporary galleries washington dc, names which indicated their influences and displays. Students went there to get new ideas and influences together. And of course, there was a financial transaction too.


Joan MirĂ³ famously poured scorn on the gallery opening, but not until he was established enough to do so. Georgia O’Keefe was a huge presence at the gallery until she didn’t have to any more. Clearly, the role of the gallery is a little more complicated.

A real sense of art

Face it, you have no idea how big it is when you see a picture on the internet. You don’t feel the emotion and that’s the point of art, it elicits an emotion. You can look at Michelangelo’s David as much as you like on paper, but until you look up at that perfect outsized hand you really don’t get.  You don’t!

Money, money, money is the last thing they’re thinking about

Galleries are about curation, development, movement, gossip and opportunity. They provide juxtaposition and context, and sorry you can’t get it on a website.