Clinic Regulation Project – Update

April 2016

After the public consultation ended, the Clinic Regulation Working Group met in February 2016 to consider next steps for the project. In their discussion, the Working Group considered the objectives of the project, what was learned from the stakeholder feedback, and the current policy environment.

The Working Group came to a consensus decision to make a submission to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. The submission will bring awareness to the gap in public protection that currently exists, discuss alternative solutions, and call on the Ministry to take action to address the gap. The Working Group is not advocating for a particular solution or model; we recognize that more work is required to explore the issue and find the most appropriate solution for Ontario.

A draft submission has been prepared, and it will go to the Councils of all of the Working Group colleges for their approval. The Working Group anticipates making the submission to government in summer 2016. We will post the submission at that time.

Welcome to the clinic regulation consultation page. On this website, you will learn about a potential model for regulating health clinics in Ontario, which was created for the purpose of starting a discussion about how and whether clinics should be regulated. This website is the place for you to share your thoughts and comments on the model.This project and consultation is not a government initiative. It is undertaken by a group of health regulators in Ontario.In early 2015, a group of health regulators in Ontario formed a Working Group and began exploring the idea of regulating health clinics in Ontario to enhance the protection of patients and the public. The Working Group believes there is an opportunity to strengthen accountability and increase transparency in the healthcare system. This goal is in line with the regulators’ duty to protect and promote the public interest in Ontario.

The Working Group reviewed relevant research and alternative models for regulation, and is exploring how clinics could be regulated to best protect patients and the public.

Please take some time to learn more about the Working Group’s ideas, and send your comments. Your feedback will help the working group to decide whether clinic regulation is right for Ontario and what that regulation might look like.

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